• Permanent Magnet Motor永磁同步電機

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      Reuland builds motors from the ground up ... we develop the design and produce the prototype.

      We're very careful to produce the highest quality product and meet your delivery schedule. Every stator is hand wound for the greatest flexibility required by application demands.

      Reuland permanent magnet design parameters are flexible to meet any performance requirements you may have in mind.

      Look to Reuland  for permanent magnet motors with unsurpassed power factor and efficiency ... featuring high density power where required for a variety of applications; synthetic fiber and glass production machinery, machine tool transfer line, wire drawing, packaging and folding machinery and conveyor line drives and medical equipment, etc.

      Here's When To Use Synchronous Permanent Magnet Motors: When you need synchronization from process to process during production. When you need precise control over the speed of the process during production. When you need total tension control during manufacturing processes.

      Reuland Permanent Magnet Motor Features and Benefits: Precise speed control High efficiency and high power factor ... you get as much as 20% higher efficiency over conventional synchronous type motors and as much as 30% higher power factor that uses less current than conventional synchronous motors.

      Reduced operating expenses ... there is no need to buy tachometers and regulators that are required by D.C. drive systems when you use Reuland permanent magnet synchronous motors. Stable magnets ... Reuland's maximum energy density permanent magnets allow the motor to be smaller and lighter than conventional synchronous motors ... Reuland magnets feature high coercive force to prevent the motor from demagnetizing at over voltage condition.

      Motors that can be customized ... special flanges and shafts are available to meet your specific motor requirement. Motors that are self-braking ... there is not need for D.C. power to brake Reuland permanent magnet motors, since the motor braking can be accomplished by simply shorting the motor leads.

      Construction Features: Condor Series Permanent magnet motor construction options include: cast iron aluminum stainless steel water cooled partial motors available (rotor/stator sets) Reuland's Condor Series permanent magnet synchronous motors are available in NEMA frames 56 through 256 (IEC optional) in 2 pole, 4 pole and 6 pole configurations. Constant or adjustable frequency up to 300 Hz available with up to 600 volt designs. Other construction features include: Speeds up to 18,000 rpm Constant torque applications Class F or H insulation with Class B rise Here's the application data required to quote a Reuland Permanent Magnet motor: Load Inertia Acceleration Time Pull-in and Pull-out torque Frequency and Speed Range Voltage at Maximum Speed Power Supply Type Duty Cycle Ambient Condition Enclosure


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